Working Together

Wholesale agreements can be created by request. The work must be available for sale or commissioned to be based on my current body of work (which can be viewed under the ‘Art’ tab). Requests that are deemed fit, are proceeded with depending upon my availability at the time.

the artwork

Pre-Existing Work
Any artwork currently listed in the shop can be inquired about for wholesale.

Wholesale Prints
Currently, prints can only be created as a part of a commissioned series of artwork but not on their own.

Commissioned Pieces
I encourage buyers who are interested in working with me through wholesale, to team up with me to commission a body of work. These series can include 3-8 pieces but must be based on a style in my current body of work. Examples include creating pieces based on: the location of your shop, the theme, or the vibe. We can work together to come up with what fits best!

Wholesale Commissions

To get started…

Simply fill out the form below—if you are unsure of anything or want to trust my creative instincts to create the piece(s) for you, just give me a shout. I am happy to help guide you.

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Shop Address *
Shop Address
Phone Number *
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  1. I’ll get back to you via email with additional information (and a quote if possible) in 1-3 business days.

  2. Once an agreement has been reached to continue with your commissioned artwork, you are contracted to pay the agreed upon amount upfront and along with the shipping costs (shipping worldwide).

Throughout the process you’ll…

  • Receive sketches and photos of the work being created.

  • Be able to provide feedback and offer suggestions.


Do you have any questions? Email me at or contact me through my standard contact form: