The Work

My art focuses on memories and reflections. Pulling from my recent travels, the imagery is created from how scenes transfer and develop in my own mind. While experimenting with different mediums and hand stitching, the feelings remains on what happens when we immerse ourselves in new cultures or let our souls organically connect to the natural world around us. It is about how the outside world can change us, how we process the information we continuously take in, and what we as individuals can do with it.

The way the natural world reacts around has the ability to teach us about ourselves. When we look back, have time to process, and gain understanding we see that we are mimicking the way nature behaves. The simplicity it shows us in its complex internal system. I most often think about reflections and how they are simplified versions of a picture. An image that has been flipped to look differently. There are always answers and a deeper clarity when we step back to think about things in a different way. Perhaps being in nature is the closest we will get to understanding who we are as individuals.

Britt Fabello