My roots where originally planted in New England but for the past few years I have been creating in London. At this point in life, my art pulls on the memories I keep from my current travels and how they develop in my reflective mind. While experimenting with different mediums, the focus remains on the feelings we get when we immerse ourselves in new cultures or let our souls organically connect to the natural world around us. It is about how the outside world can change us, how we process the information we continuously take in, and what we as individuals can do with it.

Reflections can be physical and mental. When we look down at the water by our feet, we can see the trees growing around us reaching high into the sky. We can see the faraway mountain range, casting itself back. These reflections are mirrors but they have the ability to show us more—something we missed looking at just moments before when our eyes were fixed higher. They can show us it in a different light and perspective. We leave these reflections, remembering their impact. When I return home from my travels immersed in nature, these are the scenes I remember. There is a sense of calm, beauty, and understanding. I pause to look and truly take in my surroundings in these settings. The peacefulness of nature is inviting in that way. As time passes and I continue to reflect back on a trek through the mountains, a stroll along a stream, or kayaking trip through the fjords, the feelings remain as the images simplify. The setting clarifies to peacefulness and creates a new memory to reflect back on in different forms.

Our mind reflects on our actions, visions, and surroundings. How the natural world reacts, teaches us about ourselves. There are always answers and deeper understanding when we step back to think about an event in a different way. The mental and physical reflections come together to show us a new light; the new perspective. Perhaps being in nature is the closest we will get to understanding who we are as individuals.