Inspired By The Shifts In Nature And
Their Connections To Our Emotions As Humans.

By focusing on the movements created in nature, the Movement series aims to pull inspiration from the way the natural world reacts around us. The noises we hear, the flow of the breeze, the shifting of seasons—each guiding us to a deeper understanding of our own selves.

About This Piece:

A branch falls, rolls into the rushing river, and down it continues with the current of the water. Eventually it is released into steady water. There’s a lot going on around us every day. The crash comes to us when too much has built up—we haven’t given ourselves space or time to breathe; things are circling around us. Crash is a reminder to find that still water again.


  • Original artwork by Britt Fabello, 2018

  • Off-white handmade recycled cotton rag paper

  • Painted with black ink

  • Hand-sewn with beige, rust orange, light blue, and black thread

  • Measures roughly 14.3 x 19cm (5.625 x 7.5in)

  • Purchase includes artwork only

Framing Options:

If you are interested in a frame for the piece, I offer to provide a wooden black 0.75 in frame (as pictured). Full Dimensions with frame: 9.375 x 11.375 in. Additional Cost: £30.00. Please contact me directly to purchase with a frame,

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