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The Reflection Series Auction

During the holidays, I try to find ways to give back and make it less about consumerism and more about spreading positive energy. Last week I polled my Instagram following to see if there was any interest in an auction of my Reflection series where a percentage of the proceeds would go to charity.

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The Reflection Series: Abstract Landscape Paintings

This week I am releasing the 'Reflection' series out into the world. It has been some time coming because I felt the need to hold on to them a little longer and feel their strength. They have been hanging up on my studio walls guiding me along my way to the next stage in my art career.

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It's Auction Time: Ocean Blue Painting Series

Over the summer, I made the commitment to myself to get back into painting. After a few trips that involved the ocean, I felt a particularly strong calling to it and its meaning in my life. The strokes in the paintings all reflect the movement of the ocean.

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