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Wallpaper: February 2019 Calendar & Artwork

Here we are, in the middle of winter when things can start to feel stagnant. While I enjoyed an escape from London to the Alps in snowy Austria to do some skiing recently, I do however, feel ready for summer already (it is definitely wayyy to early to be having these thoughts).

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Download & Print: 2017 Desk Calendar

Let me start off by saying that I know we are just about two weeks into January—Eek! So, I know this is coming to you a little late but as I was working on the desktop wallpaper for the year, I decided it would be cool to push it even further with a printable calendar.

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2014 Handdrawn Desk Calendar

In December we added two small unique desk calendars to our Etsy shop. They flew off our shelves quickly to places all around the US including San Fransisco, Washington DC, Maine, Philadelphia, and Colorado.

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