Wallpaper: July 2019 Calendar & Artwork

Wallpaper: July 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Computer and Phone | Britt Fabello

Summer has begun and I have been off traveling to enjoy the warmer months in the sun. In June, I was lucky enough to return to my beloved New England to see loved ones and get a burst of energy from the area’s charm. And the later part of the month, I spent in Greece. Sometimes it is hard to enjoy summer in London (though I do feel it is the best time of year here). Being far away from the coast, lakes, and mountains when that is what I have grown up around, is hard when all I want to do is jump in the water for a swim!

In-between travels I finished a commissioned series for the shop Azalea (located in Niantic, CT) where the pieces are now framed and hanging. There will be a separate blog post about the process and pieces for that series soon! I also continued on working through the Cape Town portion of the South Africa collection for my own personal work. I’m hoping to have these be released by the end of the summer!

Hope you all are enjoying this lovely time of year so far—get outside, feel the warm sun on your skin, and take in all that this season has to offer!

Wallpaper: July 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Desktop and Laptop Computer | Britt Fabello
Wallpaper: July 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Phone | Britt Fabello