Wallpaper: June 2019 Calendar & Artwork

BF_Wallpaper_Phone_June-2019.jpgWallpaper: June 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Computer & Phone | Britt Fabello

June is always an exciting month. To me, it means another year older and that summer is close by. I tend to do a lot of reflecting this time of year for those very reasons. As the season changes and air begins to warm, I feel an instant shift in energy. I long for days at the beach or by the mountains where summer shines at its best. It brings new inspiration into my mind—images full of life.

Around the studio things have been busy the past month with work on a commissioned series inspired by Niantic, CT for Azalea Home & Gift. The four pieces will be making their way to the States this month where owner, Lexi, will take over framing and getting them ready for display in her shop. To be able to take the beauty she saw in Niantic and translate into hand-sewn pieces has been a fun process! Stay tuned for information on sales.

For the month ahead I’ll be spending most of my time traveling—starting with a quick weekend away to the countryside, then a visit home to New England, and ending with a trip to Greece. There will be few chunks of time in-between that I will spend back in the studio picking up where I left off in the Cape Town series. I can’t wait for those pieces to come together.

Wishing you all the best as we welcome the new month and summer!

Wallpaper: June 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Desktop Computer | Britt Fabello
Wallpaper: June 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Phone | Britt Fabello