Wallpaper: May 2019 Calendar & Artwork

Wallpaper: May 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Computer & Phone | Britt Fabello

Hello May! Despite being in the new season, winter seems to be lingering around. I have high hopes for this month though—let that sun shine! We all need it.

I ended April with a weekend away to Guernsey. It completely went above and beyond my expectations (which were solely that it would be a quiet and lovely place to escape the city—it was). And speaking of weather, I completely lucked out with warm sunny days that were perfect for walking along the rocky coast.

Traveling aside, last month was focused around the release of the Paris collection. Many pieces have made their way to new homes. I am forever grateful to have amazing supporters who love the work I do just as much as me (thank you!). On another note, I can’t sign off here without discussing the fire at Notre Dame. It felt eerie to see it happen shortly after the release. I was inspired by that building during my first visit ti Paris. It stuck in my mind with its location along the Seine, historic grand architecture, stained glass, and the art that found its home amongst its walls. Dan Rather’s words really touched perfectly how I felt—

"Why has the burning of Notre Dame touched so many greatly? Because we believe in beauty, majesty, faith, art, history, and the human expressions thereof. We recognize in this magnificent edifice our common humanity. A scar has now emerged in our connections to our past, our future, and each other.”

It was also interesting to see the conversations that unfolded around the event that touched upon issues in our society and the ripple affect in the actions surrounding that (like this). I think it’s important that we honor our emotional connections (like those to Notre Dame) but it is also equally important to question those. Something to reflect on as we enter this new month.

Wishing you all the best (and sunshine!).

Wallpaper: May 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Desktop or Laptop Computer | Britt Fabello
Wallpaper: May 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Phone | Britt Fabello