Wallpaper: April 2019 Calendar & Artwork

Wallpaper: April 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Computer & Phone | Britt Fabello

Spring is here and the temperatures are warming up (every so often) in London. I love when the days start to get noticeably longer. There is a sense of freshness in the air that allows us to feel like good things are on the way. And most importantly, we made it through winter!

I was lucky enough to get an early break from winters gloom last month and enjoy my first glimpse of summer. For two weeks, I traveled around South Africa—beginning in Cape Town, following the garden route, and ending in Addo National Elephant Park. It was just what I need. A boost of sunshine, swimming, hiking, animals, and new inspiration.

Otherwise, the end of winter was heavily focused on my latest hand-sewn series which I have highlighted a piece from (Saint-Chapelle, Paris) for the April wallpaper. It has been a truly transformative series for me and I have found a new level of confidence in the work I do. These pieces feel like me—they feel like my soul has been put on paper. This week, I’m now working at getting them ready for their release this Thursday (April 4th) to my newsletter subscribers (get on that list!). My to-do this is full of items like taking photos, editing, writing, and other business-like tasks. The not so enthusiastic part of being an artist. But, it is all worth it. I am excited and ready to share these pieces with the world!

For now, I will leave you with all the best wishes for the month ahead! April is a time to enjoy the transition of seasons. Embrace those final cool days, the snow melting, the rain that the earth needs, and the spring flowers beginning their bloom!

Wallpaper: April 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Computer & Phone | Britt Fabello
Wallpaper: April 2019 Calendar & Artwork | Phone | Britt Fabello