Thoughts & Feelings For 2019

Britt Fabello

First I want to start out saying that there is a lot of stuff that floats around this year about resolutions—“don’t make them!” — “make them!”—are some of the more obvious and common things thrown out. I say, whatever you do, do it because it makes you feel good. Like…some people choose to define the year ahead with a single word. Some take time to reflect back. Some take those reflections to write lessons to follow in the new year. Some make vision boards. Some write themselves letters. Some do nothing at all. All of these are perfectly acceptable things as long as they are surrounded by positivity—not shame, guilt, or any harm to yourself.

For this new year, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do having done a mix of different things in the past, from old school style resolutions to choosing a single word. As a naturally reflective person, I enjoy taking this time of year to look back and figure out how to continue to move forward. It helps me feel purpose and start the new year inspired. When I was reflecting back on 2018, I realized I have focused a lot of the last few years (probably more) on specific actions to take. With where I currently am in life, I now feel the need to focus on feeling—and what I will call the root of the why.

Feelings are hard to put into words so this makes what I would like to convey here particularly difficult. The english dictionary isn’t big enough to assist but, I will do my best and try to use my own internal guide to help.

Actions are great. They get us moving and doing. But sometimes our actions wind up making us unhappy—we do them for the wrong reason or we were influenced in a time of vulnerability into thinking it was the right action for us or the outcome hasn’t aligned exactly as we thought it would. These are a few of the reasons why I am moving away from thinking in actions this coming year. I am shifting toward thinking in feelings first instead. This requires me to take the time to understand how I want to feel—in everyday life, in my creative practices, and in any particular situation. Rather than naming actions that I think will get me where I want to be, the root of the why makes me ask myself why I feel the way I feel in that moment and how I want to feel instead. Only then can I decide what the actions are that I know that will help get me there. It is about re-evaluating what makes me happy and letting go of what drags me down in these situations. In short, it is asking, why do I do the things I do? And the answer should always be that I do them because it creates a positive healthy outcome for me.

Maybe this seems simple but, it has been an eye-opening shift of thinking for me already.

Here are some of my examples…

If I am feeling sluggish but want to feel more spry, what are the actions that will help me to do that?
Yoga, long walks, swimming, skiing, ice skating, going to the park to kick the soccer ball around…

If I am feeling drained but want to feel more creatively inspired, what are the actions that will help me to do that?
Taking the time to sketch when I am traveling, spending time writing…

If I am feeling negative in my clothes but want to feel comfortable and good, what are the actions that will help me to do that?
Buying vintage, shopping from sustainable clothing companies, owning less…

If I am feeling unseen but want to feel surrounded by people who get me, what are the actions that will help me to do that?
Be honest with my own needs, be open to reaching out to new people, make deeper connections…

Instinctively, I am a person who is deeply in tune with their emotions but I often get stuck in how to carry them out into my life in ways that help benefit the me as the unique individual that I am. Simplification and corrected focus is what will help me to continue to better myself, state of mind, and wellbeing. Some of this has meant going back to things I moved away from (like pursing art again—my largest example) that I was scared of or unintentionally let go to make room for things that I didn’t necessarily align with who I was.

Life is a constant moving cycle of growth. We go through ups and downs and parts that seem even. I do not believe that we ever reach a point where we feel we are the best we can be or have accomplished everything. That actually sounds boring to me. Throughout our life, we should take the time to reflect, reevaluate, set new goals, get rid of old goals that no longer suit us, clean out our closets, adjust, move forward, and work to best align our souls with our outside life.

Moving forward, I am focusing on what makes me feel positive, inspired, and light.

Sending all the love to you as you start this new year that is ahead of us. May it bring you closer to yourself and to your dreams.

Here’s to 2019!