Wallpaper: June 2018 Calendar & Art

Wallpaper: June 2018 Calendar & Art | Britt Fabello

June creeped in out of nowhere! I can't believe it will be the official start of summer in just a few weeks. I have been waiting for this—my favorite time of year! While London doesn't always promise full sunshine and warm temperatures, I am looking froward to the ease of life that comes with these coming months. They seem to be instant mood boosters...perhaps maybe I just belong in a warmer climate!

Last month I took a few trips—Porto, Snowdonia, and Tallinn. All were amazing for their own cultures, inspiration, and vibes. I have to say that Snowdonia was my favorite out of those—which feels a bit shocking since it is the closest. It was just unbelievable to get out in nature, go hiking, and unwind. It has already inspired a few new pieces! The travel doesn't stop there though. This month I am heading to New Orleans and then later to Italy (the Dolomites and Lake Como). Lots more to look forward to!

I have been continueing to dive deeper into the path of the artist of the past month as well. It has been feeling really good! As with any transition, there's been some bumps along the way. It is not an easy route but even with the tough times, I know that it is 100% what I want to be doing. There's no better feeling than that! I am looking forward to finishing the transition from freelance design work to full time artist over the coming months. So close!

Hope everyone has a lovely June!

June 2018 Desktop Wallpaper & Calendar | Britt Fabello
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