Wallpaper: May 2018 Calendar & Art

Computer & Phone Wallpaper: May 2018 Calendar & Art | Britt Fabello

We are in full spring mode...though you wouldn't be able to tell from London's weather. Earlier this month, we lucked out with a beautiful week of high temperatures then it went back to a winter feel around here with cold rain. The glimpses have me hopeful and as I am writing this, the sun has made an appearance once again—let's hope it sticks around!

It has been a month of navigation for me. I recently had put a pause on creating new work. Not because I didn’t want to—far from it! Life was feeling a bit out of control, not on the path I wanted it to be, and I was working on too many things I wasn’t passionate about. It had me in the ultimate slump. These are the moments I like to embrace and learn from though. It is easy to stay stuck in them and forget the bigger picture. I got a huge wake up call and reminder that our time here is too precious to be doing anything but what we love. While I know that isn’t always practical, I'm finding myself unable fight it any longer. I don’t want to look back and wish I had took the leap to chase my dream. For me, this season of life is going to be about readjusting and aligning myself on the path I have truly always wanted to me on—art. It’s nerve-racking and exciting. I need go through what this means and how to move forward on my own right now but I promise that there will be more to share about this and the changes as I work through them. Thank you for continuing to always stick by me in these defining years of life. I think I've finally found my sweet spot and I'm ready to enjoy what it brings!

Outside of this revelation, I have been back traveling a lot with my husband. These trips are what have been sparking me to rethink and realign. There are plenty more adventures ahead—Porto, Snowdonia, and Italy are up next this month! I look forward to where those guide me next.

Have a wonderful May and a happy Spring! The warm sunny weather is working its way in and summer will be here before we know it.

Computer Desktop Wallpaper: May 2018 Calendar & Art | Britt Fabello
Phone Wallpaper: May 2018 Calendar & Art | Britt Fabello