Wallpaper: February 2018 Calendar & Art

February 2018 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper | Britt Fabello

Sitting down and writing this while in complete disbelief that it's already February...the start of the new year has flown by. Sometimes when I look out the window and see the grey gloomy London skies, it feels like winter has been going on forever though. I have been focusing on some winter hobbies to make these months seem less dreary. At the end of last year, Rico and I were getting in a good groove with ice skating. This year, we pushed ourselves a little further and went skiing for the first time! We were bracing ourselves to hate it since it takes some time to pick up but we absolutely fell in love. So much so that we have already booked a trip back for March. I truly can not wait!

In January I also got back to focusing on my artwork after breaking for the holidays. My current series has me exploring a few different mediums—acrylic on canvas, ink on paper, and hand stitching. Right now they feel a bit separate in their practices—though they feel joined by intention, story, and color palette. The hope is that as this exploration continues, they will start to intertwine. I am already feeling that pull and have been sketching out lots of images that my brain seems to be swirling around.

For the month ahead, I am looking forward to continuing on with our downtime to re-establish routine and gear up for the spring when lots of traveling will be happening. We have our year mapped out already on where we are hopping to go! With new destinations, comes new inspiration. You never know where life will lead you and what change those places will bring. On that note, I leave you with good vibes for February! May it be relaxing, reviving, and settling as we all prepare for spring.

February 2018 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper | Britt Fabello
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