Wallpaper: October 2018 Calendar & Art

October 2018 Desktop Computer Calendar & Phone Wallpaper | Britt Fabello

A new month is upon us—the season has changed, the crisp Autumn air surrounds us. It feels like a fresh start when the seasons begin to make their mark. For me Autumn is a time to sit down and get to work after a summer full of wanderings and inspiration. I love the cozy feel and the setting that is brought by the cooler temperatures. I have been lighting candles and cuddling up on the couch with my stitching lately. It just feels like the right spot in the flat to be right now—even though my little home studio will always have my heart.

This past month I have been working away at the series I am currently titling Movement. The pieces are each based of the flow, changes, and shifts of nature. So far, the series has been smaller works on paper with hand embroidered details. I like that they force their viewers to come take a closer look, pulling their eye in, and sending them into a reflective state as their focus moves around the paper.

There’s more to come of this series and I will be working away at it in the coming months. It’s been a good place to land and feel connected deeply to my art.

As for more personal life, things are settling down. The plan is to stay put in London this season for rest, downtime, and lots of creating. I don’t mind this one bit! And, I hope you all have a lovely October celebrating the new season amongst us wherever you are!

October 2018 Desktop Computer Calendar Wallpaper | Britt Fabello
October 2018 Phone Wallpaper | Moon & Mountains | Britt Fabello