Wallpaper: January 2018 Calendar & Art

January 2018 Desktop Calendar & Mountain Moon Phone Wallpaper | Britt Fabello

Happy New Year! By this time I will have just landed back in London (that's right, I rang in the New Year attempting to sleep sitting up next to strangers...how glamorous...ha). Luckily Rico and I will be treating ourselves to a nice breakfast at one of our favorite local spots, Greenberry Cafe, to celebrate being back! Then I will probably crash and try to pretend that the jet lag isn't making my eyes want to roll back into my head.

This month we're hanging around London for the most part but we've decided to book a little ski weekend in the Austrian Alps. I've skied a few times, Rico has never, so it should be interesting! We are buying some gear, getting ready, booking our rentals and ski lessons, and are anxious to enjoy some time in nature learning a new skill! Over the past few months, we have reminded ourselves that it is never too late to learn something new. That we have to always push ourselves to be our best. One important task for me was to find ways to make the winter more enjoyable. These colder and shorter days can be a battle for me. Some ideas that instantly came to mind where skating and skiing. I grew up skating and absolutely love to do it but never prioritize it—now that I put my foot down, we've been twice this year with plans to go more once we are back...and continue maybe even through the warmer months. It's naturally progressed now to inspire us to go skiing and I can't wait to see how it goes!

Now that you've gotten a little life update from this side, let's chat about wallpaper! Another new year means a new wallpaper series! This time around I have decided to use my artwork (rather than design work) as inspiration and to keep things closer to my current creative journey. I have enjoyed creating graphics by hands in the past to bring you all unique and fun wallpapers that hopefully brighten your months but since I'm not spending my days designing anymore, it felt right to rethink what the wallpapers should and can be. The only conclusion that felt right is to bring it closer to my roots so I can share more of that with you. January's design is taken from one of my recent ink paintings. My artwork lately is based around the concept of how the reflection of nature's movements and visuals can teach us about our natural human emotions. You can read deeper into that here. My hope is that these paintings I am creating, can draw out a sense of peace and clarity in it's viewers. As wallpaper, this moon & mountains painting can be a daily reminder for that grounded stability from the earth.

May you enjoy and have a wonderful start of the new year!

January 2018 Desktop Calendar | Britt Fabello
Phone Wallpaper | Artwork by Britt Fabello