Design: Aubrey & Dustin's Wedding Stationery

Aubrey and Dustin's wedding stationery was made to fit in with their easy going style. While Aubrey told me what they were picturing their day to be like, I grabbed onto the fact that they were having a lemonade stand (so awesome, right!?) and instantly started to envision how I could have that play into the design while still keeping a wedding feeling to the invites.

I started by taking the an illustration I did for their Save the Dates and adding the lemonade stand right out front. What I enjoyed about taking an element from their Save the Dates, was the barn was first drawn very muted as a hint where they were going to be and the invitations got to take the barn, spruce it up and add more details from the day. It felt like we were slowly revealing what people were going to expect when they arrived to celebrate the couple.

Next, I took the lemon element and decided to use it as a floral piece. I've done my fair share of floral invitations and design, which are already so beautiful on their own, but it was fun and unique to add a different twist into it with the lemons. That detail brought all the pieces together as a whole without being too repetitious.

Overall, their invitations brought out their individual style and paired it with what they had planned for the day. It was a joy to work with such a relaxed couple who had planned a gorgeous day that made my job a little easier!

From start to finish working with Sea of Atlas was great. Britt designed our save the dates, invitations, rehearsal dinner invites, table cards and made some signs for the wedding. Everything she designed was perfect. If we did ask for a slight edit she was responsive and quick to get a new preview to us. We told Britt some key points about our wedding and she captured the feel of it beautifully in all of the work she did for us.
— Aubrey Zitzmann, Bride