Event Recap: Teaching Hand Lettering At The Creating For Good Conference

Just about a week ago I had the pleasure of joining the Creating For Good team to teach a hand lettering workshop in their first ever creative conference here in London. Creating For Good came together earlier this year and has been making ground in their mission to give back to the word. The London-based collective combines their creative forces to use their skills to improve the lives of the less fortunate. 100% of the proceeds from the conference and other events that they put on, are donated to a good cause. This conference teamed up with Women for Women International, an organization that runs year long programs to support women in eight different countries affected by conflict and war. All of this—the conference, the people, the organization—are helping to continue to move our world into a positive space in a somewhat shakey time.

Having never taught a hand lettering workshop before, I was a little hesitant to jump in but with this being my year of having grit, I knew I needed to say yes. I have taught in other capacities before. Some facts about younger me, I used to volunteer at an after-school art program for little kids to help them embrace their creative side. I also worked at a summer camp for years in various positions from teaching sailing to heading the department of arts and crafts. Those roles have given me experience leading and teaching so I felt I had a good base to go off of combined with my love of lettering. So, I ultimately agreed to jump in and teach the workshop, ready to tackle a new obstacle in order to grow.

First off—I'm super grateful for Jo and Jess. They answered the many questions I had—everything from class numbers, space set up, and allotted time. It was great to have them to ease my nerves and allow my planning to go smoothly. It was important to me to give each individual the best first go at hand lettering. I put together tote bags full of notes, pens, paper, rulers—everything they would need—so they could just focus on relaxing and getting into their creative flow. While I enjoyed talking about hand lettering and walking the class through the process, the best part was weaving through the rows of chairs to chat with everyone individually. I loved to see how each one of them was interpreting what they were learning and how they were putting their own individual twist on it. Honestly, they all blew me away with their talent. It was awesome to be in a room with such love and energy!

The whole conference was beautifully put together. And while I do mean that in a heart eyes kind of way—WeWork was the perfect space, London Flower School provided gorgeous flowers to fill it, West Elm donated beautiful plates, and The Social Kitchen laid out the most stunning (and delicious) spread of food. What really made the day special were the people though—the Creating For Good team, the instructors, Women for Women, and the attendees. I met so many lovely people that I have already been staying in touch with and feel so blessed to have crossed paths with. They have filled me with a new found creative energy and direction.

I left the conference feeling so full. My heart was truly happy and I felt like I had a super clear vision of where I was heading with my own creative path. Having the opportunity to share and chat with so many fellow creatives was really wonderful. I hope to have many more of these creative burst of energy! London is an amazing place to be for that.

And now, to end this recap of my workshop, I will leave you with this beautiful video the oh-so talented Daria Shevchenkocreated of the day. Enjoy!