A Hand Lettered Font Story: Fabello

As I noted last month, one of this year's goals was to make handmade design more accessible to all people. I have been working hard at building up my Creative Market shop with hand lettered fonts and illustrations. It has been a fun process but I have also learned a lot along the way of what direction I want to head in and with that who I am as a creative. This journey is about embracing myself and having grit—to continue to push myself outside of my comfort zone and own my work. I made the leap to create under my own name rather than Sea of Atlas (which as you can see has still remained a creative space in the form of a blog) this year. That change has made me take ownership of what I do. I can no longer hide behind a brand or a company, it's just a raw version of myself as a creative. That vulnerability is what drives art to truly come alive. I have never felt so free in what I can create and where I can take myself.

So, when I created my most recent handmade font, I decided to name it after myself. If I am honest, it felt a bit odd to do so. I'm used to be the quieter one in the group—I'm an observer and listener—or in cases of my art, I've always hoped that it could speak for itself. But as I have gotten older and further into my path in the creative field, I want to speak up and be a part of the conversation more. Naming a font after myself isn't meant to be vain. It is meant as a reminder to myself that it's okay to love yourself, your work, and completely own it. I'm proud of the work that I do and this is a nod to myself for being a strong and fearless dream chaser. When I look back at the past few years and all the work I have put into getting where I am today, it inspires me to keep pushing and shows me that I am so much more capable than I think am.

I can only hope by sharing my reasoning behind the Fabello Font and my story, that it can help inspire others to push further with their own work and passions. Life is truly built up of our own choices and while we don't always have complete control, it's important to remember that we have a power within us to go after our dreams as best as we can.