Event Recap: Primrose Hill Festival

We moved to Primrose Hill back in the fall and one of the main reasons we were drawn to this neighborhood was the sense of community. It's small but full of life. You can feel the pride that people have for this little corner of London. As we settled into our new spot and were making our flat our home, we got word of the Primrose Hill Festival. It happens twice a year and we were excited to see what it was all about when the first one rolled around in December. The whole neighborhood comes out for a day of celebrating the area with local vendors, great food, and live music. With the December market being centered around the holidays, it felt cozy and full of that Christmas cheer. It was clear at this point that we had made the right decision when picking a new neighborhood to put some roots down in.

As Spring was approaching, the neighborhood was buzzing with talk about the festival once again. I was really excited to see what this one would be like—a non-holiday themed event. My interest was peaked. Then, Rico came home one day and asked if I had saw they were looking for vendors so we started discussing if it would be a good place to test out tabling. As I've noted before, I'm more of a behind the scenes gal but this is my year to have grit so I decided it was worth a try. It felt important to put my face and name out there in my own neighborhood, or even just to connect more with the locals. So, I submitted, was accepted, and got to work at prepping for the big day!

It ended up being an amazing day, truly. I loved being able to meet new people and chat about everything from my work to life in general. We got to hear some beautiful stories from others about their journey to how they ended up in Primrose Hill or London. There was so much support and love felt. It made me feel welcomed and closer to my community. And, one of the best parts of all was having a constant stream of friends stop by and surprise me. Being a creative and someone who works as a soloprenuer, it's especially important to have friends like this. People that are reassuring, supportive, caring, and loving. I'll never be able to fully express my appreciation for those who came by.  I returned home at the end of the day completely blown away by it all.

Maybe it was the gorgeous weather we lucked out with but it felt even more alive than the December one. I'm definitely still buzzing from all the energy—even weeks after. I'm happy to be a part of this neighborhood and I am walking away from the festival having learned so many new things from jumping into my first ever tabling event. It will be exciting to see where else this leads! The biggest takeaway from it all though was a reminder to continue pushing myself outside my comfort zone.