Working From Home Wear: Mahabis Slippers

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of teaming up with Mahabis to collaborate on some social content creation through photography and video. Let me just tell you—collaboration aside—these slippers are seriously amazing. I've had my eye on them for quite some time. They are perfect for my lifestyle of working from home and the occasional errand running during the week. If you have yet to hear about Mahabis the shortest and easiest explanation is that they are slippers with detachable outer soles. When you are walking around the house enjoying a cozy day in, keep the sole off—but as soon as need to walk the dog or head out, snap on these well designed soles and you have yourself a pair of versatile shoes. I also love that by having these two options, you can change the slippers look from comfy to sleek.

For our first collaboration we worked with the Mahabis classic, lined with a soft wool perfect for the cooler months. They are designed right here in London and made in one of my favorite countries—Portugal. It was so tough to decide which pair I wanted to go with but I ultimately chose a light grey with a cream sole to keep with my love of neutrals. While I love that I can head out the door in these in an instant, I really love how warm they keep my feet will I'm working. 

After creating the photos for the winter content and Springs arrival, we decided to team up again to show of the Mahabis summer collection as a part of their video campaign. I thought it would be fun to show I used the slippers in my day to day. I can just pop them on, put the soles in place, and quickly be out the door to either run errands or go for a walk in the park. It was an especially dreamy London day when we were shooting this and Primrose Hill was the perfect location to head to and end the video. You can get a glimpse of London's skyline in some of the shots.

It's been a blast working with Mahabis and I have appreciated how much they let my creativity take over in the content I am creating. I am so thankful for this opportunity to show what I can do in a unique way and step into more of an art director role. So I will end with a a huge thanks to the Mahabis team for letting creativity breathe and flourish through your own work and your partners.

And seriously folks...if you are looking for a go-to durable pair of slippers—these are screaming at you!