My Artistic Journey: Illustration With Hand Stitching & Embroidery

Earlier this year I wrote about having more courage and taking the leap to create once again under my own name (here). It has been quite the process separating the blog from my work. In some ways, they still feel like they go hand in hand but each path felt like it needed its own space. With that, though, I don't want to build a fence along each path—I want them to still be able to come together whenever it makes sense. I enjoy talking about my design processes on here and revealing new projects. I also really really love being able to share any artwork that I am creating. It means a lot to be able to have an open space like this to chat about everything out in the open. An artist work just isn't the final product but (and maybe even more so) the process itself that it took to get there.

In my recent artwork I have been embracing hand stitching and embroidery. It forces me to slow down, learn some new techniques, and be intentional about my creations. Something I have always struggled with in my illustrations was the missing of the textile feel. I have found different ways to bring this into my pieces throughout my search and along the way—like using things like handmade paper that adds a lot of texture. This time around bringing out the needle and thread to see where it could take me was really unique for me. I've done some hand-stitching before for other personal projects like these handmade maps. It brought me back and I started to feel a passion flowing through me. My work felt more connected to my soul and I think (hope) it helps to bring the viewer closer to my work.

My obsession with texture and layering in different mediums is so the transportation to different places happens more easily. Sometimes that means connecting to the flower boxes that sit outside of the Primrose Hill homes and other times that means sparking a memory of a favorite chair. These images come to me and force me to make something of that imagery in my head. I am a strong believer that it takes more than just visuals to bring you back somewhere or to draw you in—and I mean really take you away. Maybe it's the sounds or smells that spark a memory. For me when I need places and objects to be deeper than just looking pretty. They need to tell a story, have depth, something unique. My recent drawings focus on texture to help bring more of this to life.

I'm feeling really good about the path I am not—not because it is easy—but because it is forcing me to really question myself as an artist. It is pushing me toward my roots and how my soul speaks. There's now a stronger connection between me and my work. I'm excited to see where this journey continue to take me.