Wallpaper: March 2017 Calendar & Pattern

Coming in with this bright and cheery March desktop wallpaper in hopes that Spring will come sooner rather than later. We have gotten some glimpses of warmer weather here in London lately and it has me aching for that good ol sunshine. I've never been someone to hate the winter—I think it is magical in its own ways—but this winter seems to be extra grey and gloomy. It's especially tough when winter just means months of rain like it does in London. We're holding strong and still getting out when we can to wander around this beautiful city though. It's been a couple months of a more low key life style. Weekends have been spent recharging and gearing up for out travel season that'll be starting oh-so-soon! 

We're heading to Riga, Latvia this weekend for one last (hopefully) snowy winter weekend to get our fix. When we return it shouldn't be too long before London is in full Spring mood. I can not wait to have days in the park reading and picnicking. And a recent plan with a friend has me sneaking away to Lisbon later this month to give my summer soul some love. All signs are pointing towards some fresh new beginnings as the plants start to bloom and show their colors.

On another note, I've been selling illustrations and fonts over on The Creative Market this year to make handmade design more assessable to more people. I'll be putting up items like these monthly floral illustrations if anyone wishes to use them in their own projects. I'll have a more detailed post soon about these but I welcome you to hop over and check the shop out!

Wishing you all a happy March!