Commissioned: Travel Drawings For The Global Creator

Back in the early fall I was commissioned to do a travel inspired illustration series. To be asked to do this was one of the best ah-the-world-gets-me moments. Over the past couple of months, I've been sharing a little bit about them on my art Instagram but since I have been getting a lot of inquiries about where to purchase, I figured I would open the book a little further to share my process and to better direct you all. Most of my personal art work revolves around my recent travels or are nature inspired. For me, it's about taking all the information that I am absorbing around me and trying to translate that into something to bring me back to certain moments in time. So when Amy Hayes, founder of The Global Creator, contacted me to be a part of her England collection for the online shop, I could not have been more excited. 

Our main reason for moving to London was to be able to travel more freely. We had a longing to get out to see the world and experience life in a new way—to shake things up. We've been enjoying London for two years now. I have so many visuals and all sorts of information whirling around in my head ready to come out on paper whenever the time is right. Travel has become my number one resource for inspiration. After being away in a new country and soaking up a different culture, I can't help but continuously feel transformed. Seeing the different architecture, wandering around the unique city lay-outs, and finding inspiration in different artistic approaches around the world. This series touches upon the key cities that have all won a spot in my heart. It felt good to finally get some of these locations down on paper and translated through my own artistic style.

These are all one-of-a-kind drawings—not prints. So when you head to The Global Creator, know you are purchasing a true piece of art that no one else will have. I believe in this process—one that is about the hands, the texture, the lines. It's not about mass production but connection to the individual piece. Each one was drawn by me on handmade paper. My hope with these drawings is to help connect others back to their favorite travel memories or to stir a little wanderlust up. These drawings show all different angles of these cities—some highlight an icon and others show what you can find when you wander a little further onto a side street or more local neighborhood.

Creating these brought me right back to some of the most amazing memories we have made over the past few years and I hope that they can do that same for others. Traveling is one of the best things we can do during this wild life of ours. It helps us to open our eyes to new cultures, ways of living, and to embrace one another. We all need that in this moment. I'm so thankful to Amy for letting me explore this series and pour out my recent inspirations onto paper.