Wallpaper: February 2017 Calendar & Pattern

Happy February—we are officially a month into the new year! For February, I have chosen the Primrose which according to the US is this month's birth flower. It's such a lovely little bloom and I hope that it can help bring some beauty into everyone's lives these days.

Now, I wish I didn't have to start with or dwell on the negatives but January turned out to be a month full of emotions. In ways I am happy to be removed from the situation continuously unfolding in the US but at the same time I feel like I'm in an in-between state since we can't always be physically there. I'm trying to do whatever I can from far away like supporting causes that I believe in to hopefully offset some of what is going on. It feels like it just isn't enough though but I am not sure what is. This is a time that while we all have our individual journeys to keep on track with, we need to put self aside and realize the pain that is happening to others. I wont stand for the cause of that pain and I wont stand by anyone who does. Looking ahead, I can only believe in the power of the people and that positive changes can take place. We have to keep up the good fight.

On a softer note, February always seems to be a slower month which I can't complain about. We won't be traveling until March so it's our last few weekends to really enjoy London before life starts to pick up a bit. There's also a couple of things to celebrate—Valentine's Day and, more noteworthy, February marks eight years since Rico and I first started dating. It's still fun to remember those anniversaries and back to where it all started. I'm lucky to have such a smart guy by my side who is in for this wild ride of life with me. He keeps me sane and I'm sure I'm going to need that in the weeks ahead.

I wish you all nothing but the best this month! Keep sending those good vibes out into the world. It needs them.