Changes Ahead: Embracing My Inner Artist

The word I came up with to define my goals for the year ahead was grit. I've spent the past five years trying to navigate my way through my art and design path. When I graduated college I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I fell into the apply for jobs and hope it works scenario. I hopped around in-house freelance gigs content—even happy—but still ultimately unsatisfied as a creative free spirit. Those jobs taught me valuable lessons and helped me strengthen my skills but I needed room to breathe. I needed space to just be—if that makes any sense.

After a year, I started to explore the idea of opening an Etsy shop to sell greeting cards and prints. That point in time was where things started to make sense to me. Within months I launched my first line for the holidays under Light Rust Studio and was on my way to figuring out just who I wanted to be as a creative. What I thought would turn into my career is now just a step in my journey as I look back, though. As time went on, people started connecting with my style and I was being hired to do more and more custom work. I lived to get that custom work. Working one on one with clients began the transformation of my paper goods studio into a custom design studio. When we moved abroad from Boston to London, I finally took the leap full force and removed the paper goods side of the company.

Things were looking good and I was feeling so happy about where I had landed as a designer. I was working on projects that fulfilled my creative needs. I even went through a name change from Light Rust Studio to Sea of Atlas to reflect my journey better. Under Sea of Atlas, I allowed myself to strengthen my own connection to my company and create a strong brand to tie into that. I started selling my own artwork to allow myself even more room to breathe. And, my client work was finally at a point where I was getting dream projects that fully embraced my unique style. I had my best year yet as a company and I was feeling so proud of what I have accomplished. When you pour so much of your heart and soul into something then you see it pay off...well, it's a really emotional feeling that I'm not sure I can even put into words.

Now, as I came into this year and I looked back then ahead, I realized something—I have been suppressing my inner artist. If you met me after 2010 then you probably would define me as a designer—maybe with a more artsy side. But if you knew me before that, you would know that art was always my number one passion. I studied studio art for two years—bouncing around mediums such as painting, ceramics, and screen printing. If I'm honest, I barely knew what graphic design was until a college friend began talking about it with me one day. I saw it as a path that gave me some security as an artist. I could design as my career but produce the art I wanted on the side. But this never really happened. Once I started studying graphic design, I loved it and it took over. It came easy to me and it was less scary to me. Maybe this is harsh to say—but I played it safe by staying in the design world.

As a designer, I tried every way possible to let my artist speak through the medium. I don't think I could be the artist I am today without the design knowledge and the different paths I have been able to explore because of it. Design will always be a part of me and I will continue to use it as a tool. I have absolutely no regrets about my path so far. But I am ready. So SOready to finally embrace myself as an artist again. To let myself get lost in my work and to create freely. This year is about grit—it's about not being afraid and letting myself be vulnerable to grow.

So with that, as I've hinted to here and on social media, there are changes coming this way. Now that we are a month into the new year, it's time to making these moves more permanent and letting you all in a little more. I've outlined somethings so you can get an understanding of what is going to be happening and I will be sure to continue sharing about it along the way.

The studio side of Sea of Atlas is moving under my own name, Britt Fabello.

For so long I have been trying to find ways to connect as deeply as possible to the work I create. I finally realized that the best way to do this is to simplify and work under my own name. For the path I am on, this is what makes the most sense. Having a company name felt like I was putting a wall up and stopping a real connection from happening. This is all making it as least complicated as possible and removing the unnecessary clutter.

Sea of Atlas will remain alive as a blog.

The idea here is that through moving my work under my own name, I am giving Sea of Atlas room to breathe as a blog. It has grown and taken on a path of its own so I want to allow it the space to let it continue to expand. My work and the blog will still be linked to each other since they have similar intentions, though. I will still continue to share my art and design work on here to keep the transparency and discussion flowing. Ultimately, Sea of Atlas will be a space for building community as well as sharing more about the larger picture of my life journey such as travels, wanderings, things I like, recipes, thoughts, and more. So, not much is changing—though expect a nice facelift to the site soon!

Website URL shifting is real and is happening (ha).

You will find all my studio work over at now (it's live—check it out!) and has become the URL for the blog. This means is no longer where the blog hangs out but redirects and site links will make it easy for you to adjust to these changes. If you come across any confusion, feel free to reach out!

Social Media changes to look out for.

All social media has already been adjusted for these changes. I hang out the most on Instagram so if you would like to follow along with the ins and outs of my life, join me over on @seaofatlas. For my art and design work as well as my creative journey follow along on @brittfabello. Easy as that! Here's a quick guide to the new social links:

BRITT FABELLOInstagram | Facebook
SEA OF ATLASInstagram | Facebook | Youtube
OVERLAPPINGTwitter | Pinterest

Things might be a little scattered as the changes fall into the place so I ask you to please bear with me. I am so thankful for your patience this far in this wild journey and am hopeful that this will be the breath of fresh air that was needed to allow myself space to grow as a creative free spirit. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions of the changes ahead! I will be sure to continue to share on here as things get adjusted so we can celebrate and enjoy it all together! Sending so much love to you all.

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