Download & Print: 2017 Desk Calendar

Let me start off by saying that I know we are just about two weeks into January—Eek! So, I know this is coming to you a little late but as I was working on the desktop wallpaper for the year, I decided it would be cool to push it even further with a printable calendar. When I was working as a paper goods artist, one of the pieces I really looked forward to designing every year was my small desk calendars. I poured a lot of love into them and they always ended up being my top sellers each year. 2017 felt like the year to spring back into that but with this free version you can print from the comfort of your own home!

Each month has it's own birth flower. With knowing very little about these, I drove right in to do my research on the US and UK versions of the list in order to make a nice mix of the two from flowers that inspired me. To carry out the illustrations, I decided to get back into some brush drawing for the year's calendars. I haven't done much of it since college when I first fell in love with using bamboo brush with ink (Thank you, George Burk). There's something really soothing and freeing about working with brush illustration. It gives a softens and simplicity to the pieces while working with the contrasting light and dark. I think there will be some more of this in my future...

Through growing as an artist, I realized how much of my past work and exploration will continue to creep back in no matter how far I stray from it. With the blog, I find myself continuously reverting back to my paper goods studio to pull inspiration and offer goods in a new form. And, here with the calendar, it came together to morph with my old student work. It's beautiful that parts of our lives can be ever flowing.

I hope you truly enjoy this desk calendar and that it comes in handy many times throughout the year!


1. Download calendar below.

2. Print calendar.

3. Cut in half each way.

4. Enjoy.