Celebrating Two Years of Marriage

Our wedding day is a day that is engrained in my memory. I remember getting ready in the bridal suite with my family and friends. All sorts of feelings running through me—happy and excited. But I also remember having a weird mix of nervousness paired with an wonderful feeling of content. I'm not one for being the center of attention so walking down a slopping grassy hill through the isle and later dancing in front of everyone was a bit daunting. But, that content feeling overpowered all of those silly thoughts. I knew I was marrying exactly who I was supposed to be with for the rest of my life. I couldn't wait to get to him and read our vows, put on our wedding bands, dance the night away, eat cake, laugh, and smile until my face hurt.

The day and night felt like a dream. I remember feeling like the room was spinning. Not in a dizzy way but that feeling you get when you spin around with your arms open wide, face to the sun, and a big smile on your face. That was what it felt like (but without actually having to do those motions). It was crazy to look around and realize that everyone you love is in one room. Everyone that matters is there because you matter to them too. And that might just be one of the most important parts of that day and of marriage.

Rico and I have always been each others rock. I am forever thankful to have such a strong, compassionate, intelligent, loving man. Through our seven and a half years, we always knew we could count on each other. We've never doubted each others intentions or love and that provided a very powerful foundation for us to grow together on. But as the years go on, you realize how important it is to also surround yourself with the right people—family and friends. We've been lucky enough to find people who support us and understand our love. Without them—especially our families—we wouldn't be the people we are today.

Besides my obvious love for my husband and reflecting back on the day of our wedding, I also always think about how important it has been for us to love and be loved by each others families. Since the moment I met my in-laws, they welcomed me, loved and respected me, and took me in as their own. I gained a second family—a mom, a dad, and a sister (and given that they're Italian, a whole lot more...many cousins, aunts, uncles, and, of course, a Noni). These are people I can turn to no matter what and who I enjoy being around. And while I don't want to speak for Rico, I believe he can say the same thing about entering into my family (though there's a lot less people—ha).

There are so many important factors into building a solid relationship and marriage. I only touch on a few here but I am so happy to be with Rico every day. When you find the one that is just right—all the cliches and poems, love stories, songs—they all make sense. I wouldn't want to be loved or give my love to anyone else but him. He's my best friend and the greatest husband a girl could ask for.

Tomorrow we will celebrate two years of being married back in our very beloved New England. We are beyond happy to be home for a couple weeks surrounding ourselves with those we love and love us! And on that note, I'll leave you with this beauty...