Download & Print: Free Father's Day Card

Father's Day falls on the same day for the US and UK so I don't have any confusion this time around like I did for Mother's Day (does this happen every year?...I sure hope so. I'll take any similarities I can!). For all of you who are wondering just what date it is, it's Sunday June 18th—just saved you a google search! 

Throughout this year, I have been working on bringing in printable cards to remind myself and all of you where Sea of Atlas began—in the paper goods industry. It's fun to have these occasions to bring me back to my greetings card design days! It also gives me an excuse to practice and try new hand lettering. I kept the designs for these Father's Day cards simple but had some fun with the lettering style.

Unfortunately, we will not be with either of our Fathers for the special day but we will be lucky enough to spend this week with them! My Father is someone who I admire for his strength, love, and support. Growing up he was always there for us and teaching us new things. We would putter around his workshop building little shelves, he taught me how to kayak (and its one of my favorite things we do together), he was my basketball coach for a few years, he was at my art shows encouraging me down my creative path. I couldn't love him more!

Wishing you all the best for Father's Day! May you spend it with all the special Father figures in your life who have helped shape who you are today.

Download · Green Circle Type
Download · Blue Type