Download & Print: Free Mother's Day Card

I still follow the US calendar for holidays like Mother's Day so please ignore the confusion here if there is any. It only makes sense to do so since that's where my Mom is! While the UK celebrated in early march, Mother's Day in the States is just around the corner (May 8th for those who need a reminder—I got your back). For whatever reason, I always really enjoyed it as a kid. We got to team up with Dad to figure out how to make sure we showed Mom just how much we loved her. It usually involved trips to local garden shops to pick out hanging plants for the porch and flowers that we would plant around the yard to make it pretty.

I might be bias but I have an amazing Mother. When we were kids, she stayed home to be with us and gave us so much love. She was great at creating games, giving us art projects, and best of all—letting us bake with her (and eat cookie dough). Because of her I was able to explore my creativity at a very young age and let it grow. I wish I could still spend the day with her but living abroad has its downfalls so we've created new ways of making sure we could still show our love and appreciation. And I'm forever thankful I got to spend some good time with her (and my Dad) recently during their stay in London. Its a week that I'm sure we will all remember for the rest of our lives! 

In honor of the day, I've design two cards to share with you all to help you celebrate. Below you'll find the two options pictured in this post so you can easily download the perfect match for you to share with the lovely mother(s) in your life! Happy almost Mother's Day to all the strong and empowering women out there who have raised us! Sending you all so much love. 

Download · Full Leaves
Download · Leaf border