Quote: Joy In Our Soul

Lately I have been doing a lot of reflection on how I've built my business and talking with other small business owners about their unique paths. It's clear when you search around that everyone has their own way that has worked for them—believe me when I tell you that there is no guide out there that is going to magically lead you to having the income of your dreams through doing what you love. I encourage each and every person who wants to take that leap to making their passion their job to do so—this isn't about not doing that. But I want you to know that it takes much much more than just being passionate about something. Understand that there's no such thing as instant success. It takes hard work. It takes rolling up your sleeves and really digging into the how and the why. It takes time, love, and energy to continuously pour out.

There are so many false promises being thrown around through marketed guaranteed success paths. When you are first starting out, it is very easy to grab on to those and then feel the defeat when they don't work for you. Let me tell you that it has taken me years to find my spot where things finally started to flow into a full time business for me. It might take someone less or more time and that is okay. I grew each aspect of Sea of Atlas organically and with only good intention. I never went after quick solutions and invested in education for parts I felt weak in. I put a strong focus on building a community of beautiful souls to mentor me and my plan so that I can constantly be assured that my business is built on a solid foundation.

This is why I'm sitting here writing this right now and why this Rumi quote is what I encourage you all to grasp onto and root it deep inside. Listen to what you soul tells you and allow it to guide you. If you are following your dreams and your passion, then know that things can take time and most importantly they take a lot of dedication. Find a path that clicks with your work flow, your passion, your heart. The points that my business has grown the most is when I stopped listening to everyone else and listened to my own gut to figure out my business needs. The best thing you can do for yourself is take your joy within and keep letting it shine through. Let your passion run through your veins and be your driving force to the hard work that is needed. Show and prove why you are chasing what you are after. The energy you put into the world and the hard work you do will create a longer lasting structure will pay off in the end.