Color Inspiration: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint

Image from  Magnolia Home

Image from Magnolia Home

There aren't many shows that I watch religiously but one of my go-to favorites is Fixer Upper on HGTV. I love watching Chip and Jo transform old beat up houses to absolute dream spaces. It brings back fond memories of growing up in an old farmhouse that my parents worked for years and years to bring to life. The pride and love that they have telling their story of buying a handyman special and making it their own was and is inspiring. I always found it so magical to see our house constantly changing, growing, and becoming our home right before our eyes. It taught me how much hard work can pay off and they incorporated this in other aspects as well like spending the time growing our own vegetables and taking care of the garden.

Image from  Apartment Therapy

When I'm at the stage in life where I'm ready to settle down in one spot and buy a home—I can say with confidence that it will either be a real fixer upper or built from scratch. As a creative who is strongly effected by my surrounding environment it is hard for me to picture doing it any other way. So when Joanna came out with her own line of paint, I couldn't have been more ecstatic! I love that each color has a story behind it as she pulled inspiration from their life on the farm, Chip's wedding band, and nature. It is incredibly beautiful how she ties it all together. 

The more I browsed and read about the collection, I could easily picture the paint in my own dream home. I love pulling inspiration from the subtle, soft, earthy colors that the collection encompasses. The tones are each stunning on their own as well as paired together. They make my eyes sing with so much joy so I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites:


I love the subtleness of this shade but the strength it still holds within. One Horn White reminds me of a simple life and the humbleness that comes with providing for yourself. While I'm a huge fan of the timelessness and simplicity of white, this color brings something more and I could see it replacing pure white walls.


For me, Cupola feels warm and easy on the eyes. I could see it making a space cozy and earthy (my two favorite adjectives for a home). When I first saw this color, I instantly started envisioning white trim and a warm fire to accompany it. When I think about my future home, I want a space that people feel comfortable and at ease in.


This shade might just be my favorite of the full set. The timelessness of the color really speaks to me and the style I create in my own spaces. I love the warmth of the grey and see browns and greens mixing in there as well. The color seems versatile and able to stand the test of time which is something important to me when I do create my own home.


This rich subtle color makes me feel like bringing the outdoors inside. Creating a shade that brings in a soft green hue in makes a space feel as though it has been designed to be inspired by the beauty of our natural world. I could see this easily going on the walls with its nice peaceful vibes coming through.

You can browse the full paint collection and learn more about the collection on the Magnolia Market website. Be sure to let us know what some of your favorites are below in the comments!