Desktop Wallpaper: March 2016 Calendar

I couldn't be more excited that March is here! At the end of the month we are kicking off our 2016 travel season. First stop: Amsterdam! Last year was our first taste of living in Europe and being able to travel so freely. I get so giddy inside thinking how this year we will be repeating that PLUS having our very first true visitors. Its going to be so surreal to show some of our loved ones from the States around London and travel to further places with them. Someone may need to pinch me!

Besides spending my days counting down to take off, my main focus this month will be around creating structure and systems. As business picks up, the more I need these two things in my life. It's easy as a small business owner to push my own needs aside in order to get client work done but there is a balance to everything‚ÄĒsomething I probably say far too often. But it's true. I think we can all agree that as humans we work and function with balance. By implementing more systems into my business structure, I'll be able to allow my own needs more time and space.

What are the goals that you all are hoping to accomplish this month?