Download & Print: Free Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I've never been someone who was for or against the holiday. I simply saw it as an accuse to celebrate love. That's a beautiful thing, right!? Life can really throw us around in circles and I think that we can all agree that it's nice to have these reminders to take a day to truly feel the love that comes pouring in around us. Whether it's with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, wife, husband, gal pals, friends, parents, family—should I keep going?—its a nice day to either simply send a card to let someone know you are thinking of them.

I've put together a design with the simple phrase: "You awaken my soul." I always loved using this saying back in the day (three years ago...) when I was starting my business designing and selling greetings cards. The saying is not just about loving someone but feeling good, free, and the best version of yourself around them. The people who belong in your life should lift you up and love you with all their heart.

Below there are three color options for the design so you can easily download the perfect match for you to share with all your loved ones! Happy almost Valentine's Day friends! Sending you all so much love. 

Download · Pink
Download · Blue
Download · Green