Desktop Wallpaper: February 2016 Calendar

Friends, the end of January and the start of February have been wild to say the least. I'm excited for this new month and feeling good about the goals I've been working at since the beginning of the new year. While some things have slipped away and faded, overall I know I'm a better version of myself already! And we have to give ourselves room to slip some times, right?! 

So, as we all know with February comes Valentine's Day and it's also the month Rico's and I began dating seven (SEVEN!) years ago which we will definitely be celebrating! We love letting milestones like that still be present in our lives even after we've gotten married. It makes us proud of our journey and gives us time to reflect back on where we were that day we let our love take off!

With all this love in the air, it was only natural to let some soft pinks and a mixed collage do the talking with this months desktop wallpaper calendar download. We hope it fills your heart and helps you keep on task all month long! Enjoy!