2017 Pantone Color of The Year: Greenery

Are you all aware of what happened yesterday? The news swooped through the design community fast and here we are looking at 2017's color of the year. Pantone is the ultimate authority on color and last year they hit us with a curve ball announcing two colors for 2016. While it was truly a beautiful way to show what was ahead for us this past year, this year called for just one bold color—Greenery.

“A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.”

As a fan of earth tones (and neutrals), I'm definitely vibing with this one. It's vibrant, bold, oh-so-beautiful, and takes you right where you want to be—in nature. While I was looking around for inspiration on how this color will play into my life over the next year, I found myself drawn to subtle pops or, on a larger spaces, a more textural approach. I've chosen some select pins to share with you all for your own inspiration on incorporating Greenery into your work and every day life.

My favorite part of this color is what is stands for in the particular time. Green is a strong color and symbol for protecting our earth. There is no color more fitting for that role. As we move into some potentially bumpy times with our environmental impact, I think it is really fitting that Greenery will take it's stance as we create. Let it be a constant reminder what we should be working towards.

Read more about the colors of the year on Pantone's website here.