2016 Business Recap

When I decided to start my own business, I knew I had a lot to learn and I knew that it wasn't going to be perfect right from the start. I was willing to take that chance in order to do something different—something that fit who I was as a person. Taking this path has proven to not be easy but I know from deep within my soul that this is what I am meant to be doing. For me, life is about working passionately for something you believe wholeheartedly in. I believe in the way art can transform the world, open our eyes to different ways of life, and how it teaches us to appreciate our surroundings.

If you have been following along since my beginning, you know I began by selling greeting cards. When I decided that wasn't what was right for me anymore, I made the switch to a custom handmade design studio. Going down the path of creating more freely has opened so many new doors and has deepened my understanding of who I am as an artist. At this point, I have been a custom studio for just about two years. By allowing myself to embrace my natural organic style and way of working, I have been able to really give myself room to breath and grow. I feel more confident than ever than where I am going as an artist.

Over the past year, working in the realm of a design studio has been so rewarding. I had the pleasure of crossing paths with other talented creatives and lovely human beings. Whether it was working on small business branding or wedding invitations, it was always a new adventure and challenge. Getting to help bring someone else's vision to life is something I appreciate and love doing. The trust, understanding, and energy that has to come together for things to work smoothly, is what makes that work so unique.

I love being a design studio and I see some changes coming in the future to take the next step to align with my soul. I am not quite ready to dive into this here just yet but I appreciate your always uplifting support that continues to allow me to grow. I've always chosen to be as open as I can be on this journey so you can all come along for the ride. While the bigger picture still has some kinks to be worked out before we can start flipping through the process, I am excited to announce that the studio and blog website's will have some fresh new looks in the next coming months. Adjustments, changes, and tweaks are being made in order to get everything as cohesive and beautiful as possible. It is important to me that these spaces always feel fresh. I want each of you to have the most pleasant experience whenever you come on by for a visit.

With 2016 coming to a close, I am really thankful for a year that has given me some love as a business owner. I'm proud to say that Sea of Atlas has had it's best year yet and I am hopeful that 2017 will do the same. Working for myself can have its up and downs. It is risky and scary at times but I always remind myself to continue to work as hard as I can and believe in the good fight. Nothing gets anywhere without that and this past year has been full of that energy. I can only hope that it pays off as I align myself into what's next.

So with that, I cheers to 2016! May 2017 be another good year for all small businesses to keep showing the world that what you are passionate about can also be what you do for a living!

Love to you all!