Sending Love With Our 2016 Holiday Cards

Throughout the years we've done holiday cards off and on. Unfortunately they slip off our to-do list some times. I'm always regretful when we don't get around to it because I think it is an important way to show our family and friends some extra love during such a magical time of the year. This is coming more and more emphasized while we are living so far away from our loved ones. It is tough only getting to see our families just a couple times year but it's the little things like this that help make the in-between time so special.

This year we decided to hold ourselves to it and I took it upon myself to illustrate our own to make them extra unique! One of the elements that holds me back some years is being unsure of what card to send. Being a designer and artist, I'm typically picky and do want to do it myself but the time isn't always there to create them on my own. We've also given photo cards a thought but we feel like that should wait until we have a family of our own to make those special to that time in our lives.

When I set out to start brainstorming for this year's holiday card, I decided almost immediately that it would be fun to do an illustration of our very own Christmas set up in our new flat. It makes is a little more personable and unique to our lives here in London that our families and friends back home don't always get to be a part of. We've made it our own little way of sending love all the way from London.

Another reason cards were extra important to us this year was to not just send love to our family and friends far away but also to our friends right here in London. We've been here for almost two years now and what has made it feel the most like home for us are the people we have met. Being away from home is a little easier when you build your own network of loving souls who become your second family. We're lucky we have a group of people to celebrate holidays with and get every day loving support from. Living in London wouldn't be easy without all of them!

The holiday season is a reason to spread cheer and love to those who matter most to us. It's the perfect time to send that reminder out to let them know you appreciate them and are thinking of them during the spirited celebrating!

Sending so much love to all of you as well for your continued support all year long! Happy Holidays, Xo