Commissioned: Hand Lettered & Illustrated Rupi Kaur Poem

It's was a busy spring and summer in the studio working on all different projects from custom lettering to wedding invitations. I have been doing some serious slacking in sharing my work on here as each are finished. It's always fun to be able to walk you through more of my process as an artist so I have truly missed doing so. The best intentions have always been there but have unfortunately slipped through the cracks. As the year is coming to a close, I've set the goal for myself to pick this back up and welcome you all back into the studio to see more of what goes on in that side of the business.

One of the more inspirational projects I worked on during the summer was designing and creating a custom Rupi Kaur piece for a client's home and a couple extras for her to pass along on as gifts. The poem is so empowering and inspirational so it was very important not to overwhelm the words with too much distraction. The lettering was kept nice and simple. As we went through options for the lettering, we ultimately landed on a style that was a variation created and based off my normal hand writing to keep the emotion of the poem raw. Having the lettering stay in a more organic form brought a personal voice to the words as if they were being spoken directly the reader or written in a letter.

On the bottom of the pieces, I put my own twist on the mountain illustrations that Rupi Kaur uses as a representation in her book, Milk & Honey, to sit along side the poem. Strong, towering, powerful mountains connect so well to the words written by Rupi Kaur. Not only do mountains represent that strength but together as a mountain range, it shows the power of a community lifting each other up. I wanted to do it the justice it deserved. Talking with my client, we knew it wasn't right to make it frilly or focus on the beauty. That would contradict what these words represent, lifting woman up for their intelligence and strength. 

All together, it was relatively simple process. I worked with my client on a few rounds of rough sketches with different options and edits. The completed final drawing was done on a handmade soft off-white paper (my favorite). Lettering and illustration for the piece was created with a good ol' micron pen to supply a strong contrast to the paper and make it easy for the readers/viewers to be captivated by the words.

I love projects like this. Ones that represent something so much greater than just putting pen to paper. Getting to work on a piece that meant something to someone—to many people—and have it represent such an important message is a really unique opportunity that I am very thankful for.