Working From Home Wear: Girlfriend Collective Leggings

When I first started working from home, I typically (no shame) wore pajamas or baggy sweats. There's no stress to doll yourself up when you are working from the comfort of your own home. I'm not really one for make-up or glam either so this no getting ready stuff is my jam and I own it. Comfy clothes all day every day. I'm at the point now where I barely own any office style clothes. You may find a pair of pants and a skirt that could make due but other than that, this girl's closet consists of mostly leggings and the ultimate cozy sweaters.

Over the years, the more I worked from home the more I started to build up a more casual wardrobe. Once I went full time working from home, no office to go into any day—I have to admit that things started to feel a little too lazy. I started to realize the days that I put on nicer clothes to meet clients or even when I was home sporting more structured casual wear, I felt better. I was more alert, motivated, and active.

Now I'm focused on building a wardrobe that combines comfort and style. Leggings are my definite go to pair of pants—yes leggings ARE pants in my world. I'm constantly searching for high quality pairs to add to my collection. Back in May, I stumbled upon a (well targeted) Facebook ad for Girlfriend Collective leggings which I wrote about here. Short story—they were gearing up to launch and all you had to do was pay for shipping. I figured it was worth a shot to get a pair. They finally arrived in September and I must admit to being weary at first because they felt unlike any other leggings I have ever known. But now...I really have to admit to how much I love these leggings!

After writing my post about finding these bad boys, I have received countless emails asking if I liked them so I figured I'd post it up on here for you all to see. The simple answer is a yes! I really love them and they have become my go-to pair. My favorite part of these leggings is they keep their structure extremely well. You don't get saggy knees (you know what I'm talking about!) and they provide an overall nice fitted feeling that gives you confidence to rock them in and outside of the house. While I tend to lean towards saying these leggings have a more athletic look, they do well as a regular pair of every day clothes as well. I also love that they are high waisted so I can wear anything from a cropped top to a long sweater.

These leggings feel comfortable all day long—whether I'm sitting at my desk illustrating, lounging around, or running around the city doing errands. Going out, I've paired them with my trainers but I usually have to roll the leg up a little bit which I don't mind at all. I'm pretty average height (just under 5'6) but my legs are long so I usually have trouble finding leggings and pants that aren't short. When I find ones that are long, I don't mind one bit. They work well with just about all of my boots too!

I have had no problem with how easily they have fit into every part of my lifestyle and for that I am so happy. These may just be my favorite addition to my working from home workday wear!

Digging more into the story of the Girlfriend Collective and what the stand for will only make you love them more. The best part—what the company is all about, aligns with what I look for in a brand. A brand truly stand out when they hold themselves socially and environmentally accountable. These leggings are fair-trade, use recycled fabric, and their factories are safe, pay well, and do not use child labor. All very VERY good things! You can read more about them here on their website.

I'll continue my constant hunt for comfy stylish working from home wear but these are the perfect addition for now these Girlfriend Collective leggings have my love!



Leggings from Girlfriend Collective
Grey jumper from ASOS


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