Desktop Wallpaper: October 2016 Calendar

It's...October tomorrow. How the heck did that happen? 

The past month has been crazy for us. Between traveling and working, we had some unexpected real life situations going on to figure out. We'll be talking about some of those changes here on the blog soon. I also want to take this time to say that we have a bunch of travel posts coming your way in the next couple months. My hope was to stay more on top of things this year so you could get recaps soon after we returned back from each trip but we've fallen a bit behind. Though I will say it isn't nearly as bad as last year when we were still posting summer travels in March—basically catching up just in time to begin our 2016 travel season. Yikes!

We've also added a few more trips into our schedule before the year ends! As if we weren't crazy enough—ha. We'll be heading to Lisbon, Portugal this month for a weekend of warm weather and wandering. Then in November we're going back to Paris to finally get up on the Eiffel Tower and also enjoy some more low key parts of the city. And, as we noted in our 2016 travel schedule, we'll take a trip to Alsace to spend time with family and get in the Christmas spirit wandering around the festive small towns and markets. Recommendations for each of these spots are very welcomed!

We're looking forward to what is ahead for us this month and the ones to follow! Hope you all are enjoying the new fresh autumn season and getting plenty of apple picking in. Sending nothing but love as usual!