A New Beginning For The Etsy Shop

When I first started my own company, every single day I worked towards creating and building an Etsy shop full of paper goods from greetings cards to calendars. It was my first real step into the small business world. I learned so much from maintaining the shop and gained tools to grow my business to the next level. Over time, my business (which was then named Light Rust Studio—throw back!) evolved into a creative studio where custom work was put at the forefront of everything. That is where I found my true passion—creating unique branding, hand lettering, illustration, and stationery for people who were bold and adventurous like myself. 

It has been a heck of a journey and one that I am darn proud of. During a recent reflection and evaluation of my path, I realized that it was time for the Etsy shop to have a new beginning. It deserved some love and I want it to continue to exist as a part of the ride. So, when I started to sketching and drawing more as a part of my new morning routine, it naturally shifted to sharing my illustration with all of you and then making the shop be a place where my one-of-a-kind art work can have a home. I'm slowly but surely working on refilling it with pieces like these that truly mean something to me—and hopefully to you. These four drawings are a start and are surely not the end.

It's been a fun month getting this back up and running. I have felt really grateful to have all of you along by my side. The love and support given has meant so much to me—not just for motivation to get the shop going but it's an amazing display of community, something our world continues to need more of each and every day.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3