Makers for Makers: The Empowering Creative Community & Movement

We are here to introduce a new series to the Sea of Atlas journal called Makers for Makers. We're calling for an empowering creative movement with the hope to bring attention to other makers who continue to inspire us to keep doing what we are doing with all our passion. As artists, illustrators, calligraphers, designers, photographers—whatever craft we identify with—we are all in this creative world together, so let’s gather for some support!

When we started out, it was talking to other makers or reading their stories that helped shape our path. It was inspirational to see other people chasing their passions with all their might. But sadly, we also saw the exact opposite. I had found an ugly side to the community that I was so desperate to be apart of. Competition came out and rather than supportive mentoring, there was a money chase happening. I didn’t like that feeling. When reaching out to other makers, my motives were never about customers or money; it was about building my own creative community with the people I admired.

And since then, I always wanted to be a positive role model through my own journey. When a student or an admirer reaches out, I always respond to offer my support. If someone took the time to reach out to me then it wasn’t truly about me, it was about them. It was about them figuring out their own path—why should anybody tear that down? This is about being a part of an empowering creative movement.

Makers for Makers is about taking a stand as a creative and supporting our own community. It's about highlighting the people who are giving it their all with love and support. It's about trusting us makers to help non-makers spot the ones with beautiful souls helping form a positive impact on a path that isn’t the easiest one to take in life. It's about the hard workers—the ones that get their hands dirty.


+ Read their stories here on our journal as they roll out.

+ Shop their goods or hire them through our directory over on our page, Makers List.

+ Makers (and non-makers too!), use #makersformakers to show your love and support of the makers community. This is meant to be a positive place to show your journey in the makers world to help inspire others. We will be looking there for future features and using the photos every once and awhile on our Instagram to show our support for you all!