Light Rust Studio to Sea of Atlas

I am not even sure where to begin when I start to think about how much Light Rust Studio means to me. Over the past couple of years, it has been what I have poured my artistic drive into. When I started Light Rust Studio, it was simply a paper goods shop on Etsy. It was my first leap into the unknown territory of owning my own business. I have learned so much through the years of navigating the path to figure out just where Light Rust belonged. The company has morphed and changed. It has evolved and grown into my wild dream of handmade creative studio. It now supports a handmade shop of goods and contains a journal that allows us to be transparent with our lives.

Everything seemed on a positive track but there was just one thing still gnawing at me. Something just wasn’t clicking into place. One day it finally came to me. I realized that the name Light Rust Studio, no longer fits what my business means to me. Light Rust will always have a place in my heart as it taught me all that I could be but its time to grow again. Its time to create something that has an authentic connection throughout each aspect of our work and with our everyday lives as well.

So, I am ready to officially announce that Light Rust Studio will now be named SEA OF ATLAS. The name stems from the Greek Mythology meaning behind the Atlantic Ocean. This name connects us back to our roots in New England. It reminds of our leaps of faith—starting this very company and our move abroad from one side of the Atlantic to the other to build a life in London. The Atlantic is now what connects us back to our loved ones. It also reflects the organic and handmade work of the studio through our movement through life and our journey. It’s the calmness, the crashing waves, the changing tides, the small ripples.

This name sits deep in not just my soul but my husband’s soul as well—something so important as he becomes more and more involved in the work. I love that the company has grown into a place where we both can feel free to be our authentic natural selves as we create in every form we can dream.

We are so excited about this next step for us and I strongly feel it is the right decision (my gut is screaming so). Our website URL and social media handles will be changing today though you will still see our Light Rust branding for some time. We decided rather than doing everything behind the scenes and have a final reveal at the end, we want you to see our change and growth as it happens.

We hope you continue follow along with our journey! We know we have so much more to give and this name will help us to do just that.