Desktop Wallpaper: August 2015 Calendar

Summer is actually flying by. I had thoughts that it might be a slower summer since London's weather isn't providing our ideal summer but now that I am realizing it's just about August, I am in shock. Our summer started with lots of traveling and is ending with lots of traveling. The past month and for the next couple weeks, we are still soaking in life on the ground where there are no planes involved (phew!). I am so excited to get back to it though and see more of the world.

Life is all about balance. You need down time, time to enjoy your own home and city, but you also need time to explore and hop from one mode of transportation to another like a lunatic. That's what keeps us feeling alive—the balance—the ability to compare those two opposite lifestyles and hold onto both of them.

We hope you all have a well balanced rest of your summer!