Launching The New Light Rust Studio

After a year and a half, our journey has taken many twists and turns. Some movements have led us down the wrong path, and others allowed us to truly shine. We started out as a small paper company selling on Etsy but as time passed, we began working on more and more custom projects like wedding invitations and branding. I smiled so big every time a new customer came to me with an idea to carry through. Though those projects spoke to me, I still stuck to what we started as and continued to make cards. Cards have a huge sentimental spot in my heart. I just didn't realize that it was okay to move on and evolve.

Back in the fall, we started to finally get a grasp on this and rebranded ourselves to encompass everything: branding, wedding invitations, events, consulting, and paper goods. I worked hard on creating a new website that was easy to get around and had everything right there so there would be no questions. While this allowed us to learn just what we are passionate about, it also stretched us thin. We love working with people and we were trying to create more opportunities to do so. It made us begin questioning just who we are though and what does Light Rust mean now. All of a sudden our world was overly complicated.

Just a few months after the rebrand, we got news that Rico was being relocated to London. We were beyond ecstatic. Living abroad was something we had been working at for over a year. But what did this mean for the studio? I wasn't sure to be honest but what I did see was a key opportunity to step back and reflect. Since it was going to take some time to get things shipped over, find a place, and get back up running, I was literally forced to just sit down to write and think. During this time, it all became clear. We didn't need all this glitz and glam, that isn't who we are, we needed our simplistic and organic souls to shine through. And suddenly, all that unwanted weight was gone and out the door.

Light Rust isn't defined by what it does or makes, its defined by its unique style. We approach our art and design in an organic form working always with our hands. So we decided to coin the term, a handmade design studio. We have taken away the paper goods and the mass production of selling multiples of the same item, and we are focusing on telling a truly authentic story through custom design. We want to let our original hand lettering and illustration to shine through.

It took us a long time to get here and feel confident in our path. We have stripped the studio and the site down to its core. Our soul is right there for you and we have our new digs to reflect what our hearts have always wanted. With that all said, we are so excited to finally share with you the new website for the studio,!