Design: Logo & Branding for Miss Balader

Miss Balader | Logo & Branding by Britt Fabello
Photo from  Miss Balader

Photo from Miss Balader

It was just earlier this year that Danielle and I happened to cross paths in an online small business community. Danielle is the owner behind Miss Balader, a jewelry shop full of simple and beautiful handmade pieces based in San Fransisco, CA. After navigating through her pieces, I instantly had my eye on the LP color necklace (and just about everything else). I could tell by the way Danielle made jewelry, we had a similar creative eye.

Lucky for me, Danielle reached out to have the studio brand Miss Balader. I was beyond ecstatic about her vision and ideas. We quickly got started and developed her logo based off of the handmade quality of her pieces. They are so simple and free flowing as many of them act as necklaces and bracelets. The wrapping and looping of the jewelry is eye-catching; its what makes Miss Balader unique. The logo focuses on just that—the organic lines the jewelry so freely creates.


After creating the logo and developing the base of the brand for Miss Balader, it was time to move onto the website. Danielle wanted a site that was simple and showcased the adventure behind the jewelry. A website that highlighted the comfort and versatility of the pieces. You can view it more in depth at

At the end of every project, we always reflect. I learned a lot from Danielle's approach to designing her own jewelry pieces, what they mean to her; what her brand means to her. This was my favorite project to date, I know I say that at the end of each one but I do always truly mean it. With each project, growth and awareness happen. That's a beautiful thing.

So, thanks Danielle for inviting us into your life and business for a little while. We hope you conquer the world with your beautiful way of life and unique jewelry.

I love the branding work done by Britt. She was so easy to work with, got back to me with edit upon edit and helped work with me until we were both 100% pleased with the work. She had great feedback and ideas. I never felt like she was just trying to get the work done, I felt like she was my partner in the difficult journey of creating beautiful branding that will set my brand apart. In the end, I have a beautiful / clean website, business & thank you cards that I love using every day.
— Danielle Guttman, Owner of Miss Balader