Desktop Wallpaper: December 2015 Calendar

Throughout the year as I sat down at my desk each month to write these posts for our desktop wallpaper, I've be continuously baffled that another month as gone by. Just like that, in a blink of an eye, whoosh—whatever saying you want to say or noise you want to make—the year is almost over. So here we are looking at December, the last month of the year, waving hello to us. How did you get here December? The past 12 months were packed full and life is looking oh so good my friends. We hope it has been the same for you and that you all have a cozy month ahead planned. My one piece of advice, create as many gatherings as possible to spend time with your loved ones. When you have to spend months and months missing people like we do, you learn how important everyone is in your life and what this time of year is truly about. Life can be crazy busy so it's nice to have reminders to slow down, reconnect, share stories from the year, and be present with love to give.