Desktop Wallpaper: October 2015 Calendar

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing the post for the September wallpaper for the first of the month and now here we are beginning October. We've been spending the past couple weeks back in the states visiting family and friends so we are happy to get a little bit of a classic autumn with the leaves changing colors. We head back to London in a few days and I'm not really sure what to expect for fall weather there. I know the temperatures will reflect it but New England shows each season with full heart, something I haven't seen anywhere else in the world and something I love so much.

But besides focusing on what the weather will be, I'm excited for fall. I'm excited for the freshness that enters the air and cools the evenings. I look forward to getting back on track when we return and having the ability to sink into a routine—something I've been without for a couple months because of traveling. While I love hopping all over the place and taking advantage of our time living abroad, I still enjoy some good down time and the next few months leading up to the holiday season is going to be filled with just that.

What are you all up to this fall? Making apple cider? Visiting pumpkin patches? Traveling?