Design: Shannon & Andrew's Wedding Stationery

Shannon and Andrew's stationery was very special to me as they are close friends of mine and I wanted it to speak directly to who they are—classy, sophisticated, and fun loving. We began with their save the dates, pulling inspiration from modern calligraphy and Monet's Haystacks. Keeping them black and white allowed them to be elegant while we pulled in a more organic textured paper to be sure to display that softer romantic feel.

A few months later, we began working on what their wedding invitations would look like. We thought sticking with the feel of calligraphy would help tie the two pieces together so I decided it was time to actually learn real calligraphy. I have used the pen and ink medium before for a drawing style I was trying out during my college years. Never had I actually done calligraphy with it though. I spent a lot of time practicing to feel comfortable and strong enough to pull through on these invites. Honestly, it was a moment I was really proud of myself for pushing my comforts and limits to try something new. It paid off. I now have such a love for calligraphy and have done a few more projects since that involve the medium expanding my hand lettering styles.

Besides the calligraphy, the invites included small decorative elements and were printed on a creamy colored acquerello paper to add another layer to the design with a great clean texture. To finish off the bundle, we wrapped them in the belly band displaying their custom monogram.

As their day was getting closer, we decided to create some more designed pieces for the ceremony and reception. My favorite piece to work on in their suite was the program. I loved being able to illustrate a place—the Trinity College Chapel—that meant so much to them already and would now gain a whole new meaning to them after their wedding.

For the cocktail hour and reception, we created some signs and menus that once again combined the calligraphy and the sans serif style font that we had been using in other pieces like the save the dates and the program. Having those two different visual elements, really made the calligraphy and the illustrations pop.

I really loved Andrew and Shannon's vision for their big day. They nailed the idea and style that they were going for since it was so clearly them; they weren't trying to be something they weren't and allowed their natural style to come through. It means so much to me to get to be part of peoples lives in this way. To help them celebrate their love and families coming together. I am so thankful for that.

Working with Brittany was my favorite part of the wedding planning! She really took the time to understand the style of our wedding, our tastes, and personalities, which clearly showed in the final product. She was incredibly responsive to feedback—both with the design and the turn around time. She really kept us on track, too, knowing which projects to focus on earlier vs. closer to the wedding date. She also helped us keep our projects within our budget, with tips on where we should splurge on paper and where we could save.

We could not have been happier with our entire suite. The handwritten details really made our wedding feel like OUR wedding. We will be framing our invites and ceremony cover and enjoying them for years to come. Thank you, Brit!
— Shannon & Andrew Page, Bride & Groom