Collaboration: Simple Stamp Branding With Sea of Atlas & Lumi

Shortly after our new Sea of Atlas logo reveal on social media, Lumi reached out to do a fun collaboration. Our whole branding journey has been eye opening and truly directly from our souls so we were anxious to test out our new logo using their custom rubber stamp! The Lumi team was so easy to work with and quick to deliver. I have already been using my stamp on all sorts of items, especially when we ship products out from our shop. It is so nice to be able to just grab the stamp and easily brand all our packaging—envelopes, cotton bags, mailers, etc. I keep dreaming up all sorts of ideas on what else I can use it on and it feels endless. You'll probably see me walking around the city with stamps all over my body soon.

When working with our branding clients I always stress how important the logo is to a company. It is not just something that should look good; it should evoke emotion and strength. By carrying your unique branding throughout all aspects of your business, you give your clients/customers/viewers—whoever your target audience may be—the full brand experience. That makes a huge impact and takes everything to the next level.

Strive to build an empowering brand—one that people will remember.

Our Sea of Atlas branding journey has brought a new sense of clarity to our work. We are happy to stand behind a cohesive style that speaks to our individual story. And we want to extend a huge thank you Lumi for partnering with us to create such a special piece to help bring our new brand to life!



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